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Does Rick Perry Know the Meaning of ‘Accident’?

by Eric Dunbar

Well America, here we go again! Presidential Candidate Rick Perry, known for his speech blunders, has botched up another interview. This time Perry adds insult to injury with the blatant misuse of his words. At a time when a Presidential candidate should show warmth and sensitivity, Rick Perry pours salt and ice on the wounds of families devastated by tragedy.

Perry insists that the massacre that took place in Charleston, S.C. at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church was an accident. In an interview with Steve Malzberg of Newsmax, the former Texas Governor criticized President Obama for using the murders of nine innocent church members as an opportunity to bring up the issue of gun reform. Perry claims President Obama is trying to “take the guns out of the hands of everyone in this country.” In the interview Perry said, “Anytime there is an ‘accident’ like this, the President is clear: He doesn’t like for Americans to have guns, and so he uses every opportunity, this being another one, to basically go parrot that message.”

Why does Rick Perry not understand that the Charleston shooting was not an accident? Perry still has not learned how to use words appropriately. Perhaps he should carry a pocket dictionary and get into the practice of thinking before he speaks.

For the record Mr. Perry, an “accident” is defined as: (1) an undesirable or unfortunate happening that occurs unintentionally and usually results in harm, injury, damage, or loss; (2) any event that happens unexpectedly, without a deliberate plan or cause.

The shooting at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, S.C. was anything but an accident. According to ABC News, Dalton Tyler, Roof’s inmate, said Roof was “planning something like that for six months.”

It seems that it is evident to everyone but Rick Perry that this was no accident. When Dylann Roof walked into Emanuel A.M.E. Church he was clearly on a mission. His sole intention was to take the lives of unarmed innocent people. Roof’s actions were not accidental or unintentional. They were a deliberate act of murder.

What Dylann Roof did does not fit the description of an accident. Roof’s action was a grisly act of violence that was carried out by an angry misled individual who had a gun. People like Dylann Roof are prime examples why we should have stricter gun laws.

Perry claims that President Obama is using this grizzly act as an opportunity to tackle the issue of gun reform. He says the shooting was an accident that was motivated by drug use. Perry says we should be concentrating our efforts on prescription medication rather than guns. Really Mr. Perry — prescription medication! Does Rick Perry not understand that drugs can only kill people who ingest and abuse them? Those nine people would never have been killed if Dylann Roof did not have a gun in his possession when he entered Emanuel A.M.E. Church.

No Mr. Perry, this was not an accident, nor did these nine people die because of prescription medication. They died because a misled individual had a gun.  How many more innocent lives will have to be lost Mr. Perry, before you recognize that there are entirely too many guns in the hands of hate-filled, irresponsible people?

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