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Donald Trump or Old McDonald? We Don’t Know

by Eric Dunbar

Donald Trump steps off into Ignorantville once again. He says he wants to be President of the U.S. All I can say is the Donald has got to be on some new and improved high powered undetectable dope. It must be the kind of stuff only the filthy rich can afford. Old McDonald wants to be president, E-I, E-I, Oh-Oh!

It’s difficult to tell whether Donald Trump wants to be President, or if he just wants publicity. A few insane people think the Donald is the man for the job. But the majority of sane people know that Trump would be a disaster for the country.

The one thing that stands out about Donald Trump is his consistency. The Donald has been consistently saying the wrong things at the wrong times. It seems that every time the Donald opens his mouth publicly, he transforms into Old McDonald.

Nobody knows what is inside the head of the Donald. When dealing with foreign leaders, Trump thinks that he has a better track record than his fellow Republican politicians. He says his track record will make him a better president. He thinks that because he sells foreign leaders and dignitaries real estate for lots of money, he would be great at foreign policies if he were President of the U.S.

Donald Trump, E-I, E-I, O-Oh!

In March of 2011, Donald Trump gave us an example of his “better” track record. Trump bragged to Fox News of how he “screwed” Muammar Qaddafi in a real estate deal. Trump had this to say: “I rented him a piece of land. He paid me more for one night than the land was worth for two years, and then I didn’t let him use the land. That’s what we should be doing. I don’t want to use the word ‘screwed’, but I screwed him.” Because he screwed a foreign leader who has a lot of money, he is great at foreign policies. Really! Here’s the scary part: he seriously believes his own nursery rhymes. Old McDonald wants to be president, E-I, E-I, O-Oh!

About a week later during an appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News in 2011, Donald Trump suggested that President Barack Obama’s birth certificate could indicate that “he’s a Muslim.” The Donald said, “He may have one, but there is something on that birth certificate, maybe religion. Maybe it says he’s a Muslim. I don’t know. Maybe he doesn’t want that. Or he may not have one. I will tell you this: if he wasn’t born in this country, it’s one of the great scams of all time.”

Trump’s Policy

Not long after that, the Donald sang E-I, E-I, Oh–Oh again when he told Bill O’Reilly that America should stay in Iraq so we could keep the oil. “You stay and protect the oil,” says the Donald, “and you take the oil, and you take whatever’s necessary for them, and you take what’s necessary for us, and we pay ourselves back 1.5 trillion or more. We take care of Britain, and you take care of other countries that helped us, and we don’t be so stupid.

You know, we’re the only country, if you look at wars over the years — and I study wars, okay? My whole life is a war. You look at wars over the years. A country goes in, they conquer and they stay. We go in, we conquer and then we leave. And we hand it to people that we don’t even know. Now, who are the people that are going to be running Iraq? The person that hates the United States the most will be running Iraq. So, in a nutshell, we go in, we take over the second largest oil fields and we stay.” But wait, there’s more! The Donald claims that Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arab League has ordered the United States to attack Libya.

Trump, Consistently Out of Sync

At a time when the Donald was the #2 frontrunner in the Presidential campaign, once again he showed that he can be consistently out of sync with the issues at hand. Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign with an attack on Mexican immigrants. In an interview with CNN, the Donald said that Mexican immigrants are drug dealers, criminals, and rapists. He claims that there is a “mind-boggling” link between rape and illegal immigrants.

Does the Donald really want to be President of the U.S., and if so, why does he not understand that there are lots of legal Mexican immigrants in this country that vote?

There must be something about the bright lights of a television studio and campaign rallies that transform the Donald into Old McDonald and causes him to sing his famous E-I, E-I, Oh-Oh song. Meanwhile, the Donald leaves the American people to wonder about who he really is. Donald Trump or Old McDonald? We just don’t know for sure.

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