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Trump Stirs Up the Angry Bees in America

by Eric Dunbar

For decades we have known about the massive beehive in our nation’s backyard. It is home to all of the angry bees in America — hatred, racism, anger and frustration. Over the course of many years, people have tried to destroy these bees but to no avail. After seeing they were not easily destroyed, we avoiding them. We even pretended that the bees didn’t exist, hoping they would just go away. But we knew they were real. We also knew they weren’t going anywhere because every once in a while the angry bees would sting somebody.

Just when we thought we had the bees under control, something happened. An angry, self-centered, egotistical little rich white boy named Donald Trump showed up. He picked up a rock and threw it into the beehive, stirring America’s angry bees once more. At first, people laughed, then they confronted the little boy who threw the rock. But he just ignored them and said, “I like this. I think I’m going to do it again.”

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, a Republican billionaire from New York, says he wants to be the next President of the USA. Trump has come up with an ingenious strategy. He will use America’s angry bees to his advantage. Trump plans to disrupt the lives of peaceful people who are trying to work with the bees. They fear these angry bees might turn hostile and take over the backyard.

Trump, known for his chaotic campaign rallies, fused with the kind of violence, hatred, and hostility that enrages people. It compels them to protest and resort to rock throwing. Donald Trump continues to stir up the angry bees in America. Now people are afraid that the angry bees cannot be contained before someone gets hurt.

Trump is a master at deceiving massive crowds of people. He understands that people are angry on both sides of the fence. So he tells his followers that he wants to make America great again. But he really wants to make America hate again. That is exactly what he does when he taps into the anger and frustration of his followers. Then he takes them into a room and tells them the kind of things they want to hear.

Can Trump Lead the Nation?

Somehow Trump followers think he is the right candidate to lead our nation, based on his money making skills. The only leadership skills Trump has is money. It is impossible to motivate people if all you do is call them terrible things: idiot, stupid, incompetent, ugly, worthless, and bum, while at the same time you tell them how great you and how much you care about them.

Trump encourages violence among his followers; Trump tells his supporters at his rallies that if they see somebody protesting, “Knock the crap out of them!” He even tells them not to worry about legal fees. He says, “I promise I will pay any legal fees… I promise! Just knock the crap out of them!”

Donald Trump is an angry white man. Yes, I said it! Trump wants to bring back what he calls “the good old days” — when he said, “they would have ripped protesters right out of their seats.” Well, that’s not how things work in the greatest nation in the world. I grew up in the Deep South in the 1960s, and I can tell you that the good old days that Trump would like to bring back were anything but good for people of color. They were violent hate filled days when angry white men were literally terrorists, bombing black churches and killing little black girls.

Why There Are Angry Bees

Trump claims he doesn’t understand why people there are so many angry bees. Then perhaps Donald Trump can enlighten me concerning something that has puzzled me since I was a child. All my life I have struggled to understand how a man could rip another man away from his wife and children, then be loaded aboard a ship like cargo and whisked away from his homeland to a foreign country where he would be sold into slavery, forced to work for nothing, watch his sons be beaten, castrated and hanged by the neck until dead, forced to watch his mother, his wife and his daughters be raped; and then when he obtains his freedom, he is hated by his used to be slave master for simply wanting to be free. Can somebody please explain this to me!

I didn’t think so. But while you’re thinking about it, let me tell you why I think America is already great, better yet, let me tell you in one sentence why I think America is the greatest nation on earth. America is the only nation in which a man can enter in chains and dream a dream that his great grandson can become the leader of the free world and it happens.

Trump’s Good Old Days

To Donald Trump, I would say: these are the good old days. Anyone who tells people that they want to bring back the good old days is delusional. Donald Trump does not share the dream of 21st Century Americans. Instead, his dream is to assemble fearful people and inspires them to carry out acts of hate and violence like in the good old days. When I use the term fearful people I am not referring to people who are afraid of conflict, because the world has already seen that Donald Trump’s followers are not afraid of violence. I am referring to people who are fearful of everyone that does not look like them. I’m referring to people that believe all black people are lazy, and all Mexicans are rapists, and all Muslims are radical extremists that hate America.

Choose for yourself who the radical extremists are. Lately, Donald Trump’s campaign rallies have been anything but peaceful, but he blames the lack of peace on peaceful protesters who wouldn’t defend themselves, even after being attacked. That is exactly what happened, when Rakeem Jones, a young black Trump protester, was sucker-punched in the face by an elderly white man at a Trump rally in Fayetteville, N.C., and thrown to the ground by police who did nothing to the Trump supporter who punched him. Rakeem should be applauded for his restraint. Even in the midst of all that violence, Rakeem kept his composure.

Trump’s Violent Rallies

John McGraw, the Trump follower who was arrested later for punching Jones said in an interview with CBS’s Inside Edition after the incident “you bet I liked it.” McGraw justified his actions by saying, “He might be a foreign terrorist. We don’t know if he’s ISIS. We don’t know who he is, but we know he’s not acting like an American and cussing me… and sticking his face in my head. McGraw hinted at being more violent, saying, “He deserved it. The next time we see him, we might have to kill him. We don’t know who he is. He might be with a terrorist organization.”

At another Trump rally in Louisville, KY, a young black woman who did nothing more than hold an anti-Trump sign, was violently shoved by several white men while people around her called her a nigger, and a coon; and nobody tried to intervene.

Trump’s Radical Followers

These are the kind of radical people that Donald Trump is counting on to support him and elect him as the Republican Party frontrunner in the 2016 Presidential Race. He knows that people are angry on both sides of the issues and he is using that as a tool to manipulate people so they will make his bigot world a reality. Trump knows that none of his followers are in a position to say the things he says because many of them would be fired from their jobs for making racist remarks, so he says what he knows his followers can’t say so they will think that he is going to make America great again.

And who does Trump want to make America great for? He certainly has no intentions of making America great for all Americans because America is no longer white. America is now home to African Americans, Latino Americans, Hispanic Americans, Muslim Americans, Indian Americans, and Korean Americans. And that is why America is already great because we are trying to coexist in an ethnic gumbo of people without violence.

Trump is Unsympathetic

In the words of Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump is a pathological liar. The biggest lie of his campaign is that he says he wants to be President of the United States, when in fact he only wants to be President of the angry people on one side of the issues. Donald Trump has no intentions of representing the poor, or the gay community, but he does have intentions to start wars with his unsympathetic tone and shout obscenities at people who disagree with him.

America is too great of a country to have a leader that disrespects women, pokes fun at the disabled, and uses people to accomplish his own agenda which unfortunately includes hate. In case you haven’t heard Mr. Trump, America is already the greatest nation in the world. It is one of the only nations where disrespectful people like you can run for President, and where people like me can exercise my right to protest. Note the respect Mr. Trump. I could have called you a humiliating name, as you would have done to me, being the jerk that you are, but my mother would disapprove. Do you know why? Because my mother is American, and Americans are too great to hate!

Don’t forget to vote America!

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  1. Dorth Dunbar Dorth Dunbar

    Thanks Eric.
    This post is informative and serves as a reminder of how important it is to excerise one’s right to vote..

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