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eric-dunbarHi, my name is Eric Dunbar. Thanks for joining my blogging community.

My passion is writing. I have always wanted to be a writer, but it wasn’t until 2005 that I really got serious about pursuing my passion.

After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, my home city, I started a website for the victims of this horrible tragedy. I began posting articles as a means of informing displaced citizens of New Orleans of the condition of the city. Although that website is no longer active, my passion still is.

Because I like to talk about everything, I created XJournals to be my everything blog. XJournals affords me the opportunity to do what I love most, and that is to write. I write about this, I write about that; I write my personal views about anything and everything, and if it’s news, I post that too! To be quite honest, I enjoy the technical aspects of blogging as much as I enjoy writing.

15 things you should know about me:

  1. I was born in New Orleans.
  2. I eat crawfish by the sack, and yes, I suck the heads!
  3. I’ve been writing a book about heaven so long, I might go there before I finish it.
  4. I was once addicted to crack, but you wouldn’t know unless I told you.
  5. I can cook, but I don’t like to.
  6. I played keyboards in a Rhythm & Blues band.
  7. I tried to learn several languages, but I can only speak one — English.
  8. I love seafood and I eat all the food I see.
  9. My favorite color is blue.
  10. I think my wife has the prettiest legs in the whole world.
  11. I never rode a camel, but I sure would like to.
  12. I love Jesus.
  13. I have a blog about drug addiction, God and family.
  14. I sometimes talk in my sleep, but I only know about it when I say something that upsets my wife.
  15. I like to talk about things that most people won’t even mention.


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